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Lord, I commit our marriage to you.  Forgive me for not acknowledging and treating our marriage as a gift with a purpose to bring you glory.  Forgive me for the times that I have not invited you into my marriage and have attempted to love my spouse in my own strength.  I acknowledge that our marriage has a far greater purpose than simply meeting my needs and often selfish desires. Lord, I ask you to heal our marriage and make our marriage one that brings glory to you.  I need you to help me and teach me to be the husband/wife that you have called me to be.  Lord, I invite you to do a work in me and in our marriage that transforms my life and the life of my marriage into the likeness of Christ.  I ask that you deliver our marriage from the enemy’s plan to destroy it and lead us to depend fully on you to heal, restore and build a marriage legacy that glorifies your name.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


We have difficulty loving our spouse when our own hearts are wounded. The following is a prayer for our hearts. It is a short prayer that is inviting God into the broken places of our hearts.  Our healing and freedom is a journey of continually acknowledging our desperate need for God.  As God heals us and frees us we are more able to love and bless others – especially our spouse.


Lord, I commit my heart to you.  You know the places of my heart where I am hurt, discouraged and feel alone.   You also know the ways that I have tried to heal my own heart and even tried to hide my heart from you and from others.  Lord, I confess that I need you to cleanse my heart and make me whole.  I need you to bind up my brokenness and replace it with your joy and peace.  I choose to believe that your purpose and plan for my life is to bring glory to your name.  Lord, lead me and help me to see that my life has value and that you desire for me to walk closely with you through every season of my life.  Help me to accept your deep love for me and give your love generously to those you have in my life.  Lord, I ask you to work in my life in such a way that my life glorifies your name.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.