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Bring Your Heart to the Lord

Lord, you are my refuge, my stronghold and my deliverer. You are my God in whom I trust and worship. There is no God beside you and there is none who is your equal. You are all-powerful and you rule and reign over all of heaven and earth and under the earth.  You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

God, I need your help in praying for my son/daughter.  My heart is broken for my son/daughter and the choices he/she has made to walk away from you.  God, my heart has become a battlefield for the enemy and I struggle with fear, doubts, guilt, feelings of failure, disappointments and even anger towards my son/daughter. I feel at times like giving up on praying because I am weary.

Give the Battle to the Lord

The battle is painful and the lies the enemy tells me feel so real that it’s easy to believe them.  I question at times if my prayers are making any kind of difference in my son/daughter life.  I feel tired and alone in this battle yet I can’t give up.  I love my son/daughter and the only hope I have is to pray for you to deliver him/her. So, I bring my broken heart to you and ask you to heal it.  Heal my heart and renew my strength.  Help me believe that you have the power to save, heal and deliver my son/daughter. Forgive me for getting in the way of his/her healing and trying to control or fix him/her. Help me believe that you are using my prayers to do a powerful work in their lives and give me wisdom to know how to love and accept them.  Help me believe what your Word says over the lies of the enemy.  Increase my faith and anoint me to pray with the authority and guidance of the Spirit within me.

Prayer of Gratitude

Lord, thank you for my son/daughter.  Thank you that he/she is created by you and in your image.  Thank you that you love my son/daughter and your hand is upon his/her life.  You have plans to bless my son/daughter and use his/her life for your glory.  You have chosen my son/daughter and given him/her your life so that he/she can live the life he/she was created to live.  Your love for my son/daughter is all-powerful and nothing can separate my son/daughter from your great love for him/her.  Father, thank you that your love for my son/daughter is unconditional and unwavering.  Your pursuit of my son’s/daughter’s heart is relentless and you will never give up on my son/daughter.  Thank you that the Cross is evident of how far you’ve gone to save, heal and deliver my son/daughter.  Jesus, thank you for taking my son’s/daughter’s sins and bondage on the Cross so he/she can be forgiven and set free.  Jesus you have already delivered my son/daughter from the power of sin and darkness so I can intercede for him/her with confidence and authority.

Lord, I come to you in the name of Jesus and ask that you deliver my son/daughter from the hold the enemy has on him/her. Open the eyes of his/heart so that he/she can have discernment to recognize truth from deception.

Prayer Against the Lies of the Enemy

Remove whatever kind of spiritual blindness the enemy has given him/her and remove the darkness from his/her life. Shine your light into every area of darkness in his/her life.  Where the enemy has lied to him/her expose it and lead him/her to your truth.  I come against the enemy in the name of Jesus and bind every spirit that is attacking my son/daughter. I bind these spirits in the name of Jesus Christ and demand that you lose my son/daughter from your grip. I pray the blood of Jesus over my son/daughter and break off every spiritual assignment and assault planned against him/her.  God, command your angels to guard my son/daughter and send an army of angels to fight for him/her.  Raise up intercessors to pray for my son/daughter and give me a warrior for him/her as you use my prayers to set my son/daughter free from the enemy.

Lord, where my son/daughter has opened the door to darkness because of sin please convict them of their need to confess, repent and turn to you.  Invade their hearts and minds with your love that casts out all fear.  Guard their hearts and minds from a spirit of condemnation and flood them with the truth of the Gospel.  Remind them that Jesus paid the price for their sin and if they confess their sins to you that you will freely forgive them and cleanse them from all unrighteousness.

Prayer Against Shame

Lord, where my son/daughter is bound in shame would you set them free.  Set him/her free by reminding him that he/she is created in your image and his/her value and identity is based on who you say he/she is. Remind him/her that he/she is your child, chosen, loved, sought after and redeemed.  Where my son/daughter has been rejected and believed lies about their worth and value expose the lies. Heal their hearts and set them free from a spirit of rejection.  Help him/her to accept your love and my love for him/her.

Prayer for Healing and Rescue

Lord, where my son/daughter is wounded bring your healing.  Show me specifically who my son/daughter was wounded so that I can pray for him/her.  Reveal to me how I hurt my son/daughter so that I can pray for his/her healing. Give me wisdom and direction on if/how/when to talk to my son/daughter about anything I did or did not do that wounded him/her.

God, I need you to rescue my son/daughter. I need you to intervene in his/her life.  Wake up his/her spirit to you. Create in him/her a desire to know you and be known by you.  Give him/her dreams about you, visions from you, encounters with you.  Reveal yourself to him/her in ways that he/she is compelled to acknowledge you.  Where my son/daughter is seeking fulfillment apart from you cause his heart to feel empty.  Stir a hunger in him/her for you and your Kingdom.  Draw his/her heart to you in a powerful way and make yourself known to him/her in such a way that he/she can’t deny your presence and power.

Capture my son’s/daughter’s heart and set his/her heart on fire for you.  God, redeem my son’s/daughter’s life from the pit and put a new song in his/her mouth to sing.  May he/she know the power of the Gospel and the grace that abounds because of you great love for him/her.

Lord, I choose this day to pray in faith and not be moved by what I see or don’t see in my son’s/daughter’s life.  I believe you hear my prayers and that you are moving mountains in my son’s/daughter’s life because you use the prayers of your sons/daughters to move mountains. Thank you for moving the mountains in my son’s/daughter’s life through my prayers.  Thank you for how you are working mightily in their hearts and lives and bringing them home. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.