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In this episode, Maggie gets on the phone with Karen Ehman. They talk through her new book, Reach Out and Gather In, a devotional about hospitality and opening your home for those you love.

Through devotionals and practical tips, New York Times bestselling author, Karen Ehman, will inspire you to put love into action in this 40-day journey of hospitality. Karen will help you with the how-to and why of reaching out to others in meaningful ways. This book–part devotional, part practical handbook–will help you find loving ways to feed both the bodies and souls of the people whom God has placed in your life.

In, Reach Out, Gather In, Karen will share:
· some of her favorite recipes and hospitality traditions
· ideas for menu planning and themed gatherings
· sorta-from-scratch shortcuts for busy days when you need something delicious in a snap
· motivating stories and biblical inspiration
· space for answering reflective questions so you can journal your own 40-day excursion
· sidebars on de-cluttering and cleaning strategies

This beautiful book highlights the why of hospitality so that your home and life will grow to be a place where the gospel is displayed, drawing others closer to Christ and making a difference for eternity.  A great resource for every Empowered Home!

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