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Stoplight Starters Printable Download

Did you know, statistics show that the average family is in the car for about an hour every day. Back to school drop off and pick up schedules increase the amount of consistent time we are in the car with our kids. And as we get caught in the back to school whirlwind and we often forget to prioritize intentional conversation and discipleship with our families. So why not make that time driving with your kids more intentional! The “Stoplight Starters” resource can help you get the conversation rolling with your kids, and can help you incorporate talking about God into daily life.

How to use: Print (we recommend on cardstock paper) and cut out this template. Make sure to sure to remove the hole at the top, and make a small cut on the black line. Hang “Stoplight Starters” on your rear view mirror in your car, and use the conversation starters with your kids.

Click the images to download a printable PDF version.

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