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About the Curriculum

Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is central to everything Christians believe. But Easter isn’t about the Cross. Easter is about the Empty Tomb. Christianity isn’t just about what happened on Good Friday. It’s about what happened on Easter Sunday. For some reason, though, Good Friday always creeps in on Easter Sunday. It is true that no discussion of the Resurrection is complete without first considering why Jesus died. But in many churches on most Easters, Christians are talking about what Jesus did on Good Friday rather than about what He did on Easter Sunday. Perhaps it’s because we are attempting to use Easter as an evangelism tool for people who don’t come every week and so talking about the need for someone else to pay for our sins fits the agenda for the day. Perhaps it’s because we have thought more about the cross and so talking about sin and death and paying penalties is easier than grappling with the full significance
of the resurrection.  Download this study to understand how to live in light of Jesus’ Resurrection.

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