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Recently the new Ford Bronco was announced, and people are raving over it. Many people love the paint colors that are available and the tire options.

My first question when I saw the images was, what is the mechanism that lets you take the doors off? I want to know the exact process for removing them. Is it something innovative or is it simple?

I want to know how it works.

It doesn’t matter what it is; I want to know the diagnostics and breakdown of how things operate or are put together. I love watching the show, “How It’s Made”.

I know others like me who need blueprints and thrive when we are given clear directions on how to do something.

When it comes to faith however, it is not as clear cut. We believe in an invisible God that we cannot see, but we can feel His presence and hear his voice.

Many of us struggle to maintain closeness with God because we need direction and a path forward. I can’t speak for all people, but I know many would agree that we need a plan. Too often we have made faith in Jesus a nebulous exercise that we strive to do throughout our days with little direction or know how.

If you find yourself far from the Lord, I want to challenge you to ask yourself a question:

“What am I practicing?”

In other words, how are you actively shaping the details of your days and decades to orient yourself toward a life that takes on increasing qualities of eternity?

You have the power to do, to practice, in order to participate in God’s transforming work within your life. What are you practicing?

When I feel discomfort or distance in my faith, I need to look at my habits and my schedule. I can most often associate any disconnect with the Lord with my activity in pursing Him. When I haven’t really read scriptures or prayed much this past week, it’s an indicator of my attitude and anxiety.

The key is, when we recognize we are off, we must pivot as soon as possible instead of drifting even further.

Examine your own life and practices to help you pivot when you feel distance.

Here is a list of practices to consider evaluating in your life on a scale of 1-10 (1-being poor and 10-being excellent). You can download the worksheet below.

Scripture Reading



Playing/ Having Fun


Abstinence (detaching from desires of the flesh)


Doing Nothing (Rest)

Limiting Technology

Discipling My Kids

Fellowshipping with Others

Caring for My Own Heart

These practices are only a few that we exercise and experience from day to day, but starting with your practices is a good place to examine when you feel distant. If you find yourself not where you want to be, don’t stay there. Figure out how the doors come off and examine how things work in your own life.

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