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What is Advent?

What is Advent?

Traditionally, the Advent season is a 4 week long period meant to prepare our hearts for Christmas Day – when we celebrate the birth of Jesus! Advent means “coming.” Similar to those who awaited the arrival of the Messiah over 2,000 years ago, in this Advent season we await the celebration of Jesus’ birth and anticipate His coming again one day.

How to use the guide:

There are endless ways to use this discipleship guide but the hope is that you would use it to continue to seek true fulfillment in Jesus Christ, starting in your own heart and home this Christmas season. The guide can be used individually or with your family to spark gospel centered family discipleship.  The guide is designed to be done once a week, during the best time that works for you or your family.  Use the following steps to help guide you. 1. Read the Bible Passage   2. Discuss or reflect using the 4 domains guide.  3.  Pray.  4.  Do the activity listed.  

About the 4 Domains:

The four domains of the Christian life are designed to help believers experience true fulfillment in Jesus Christ. We “START WITH THE HEART” – our personal relationship with Jesus. If we are experiencing true fulfillment in our heart domain we see the habit of RESTING in the truth of God’s love. Next, the Home Domain reflects true fulfillment in Jesus through BLESSING those in our home and family. Then, if we are experiencing true fulfillment in Jesus in the Gather Domain, we prioritize GATHERING with a community of believers. Lastly, the Go Beyond Domain expresses true fulfillment in Jesus through the GOING OUT and sharing His love with others. The focus of the next four weeks will be to examine the themes of Advent through the domains of our lives.

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