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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”   – Ferris Bueller

Life does happen fast. As parents, you have so many competing commitments that can leave you wanting to pull your hair out. The reality is that our lives and the lives of our kids are just a bunch of short moments lined up to make us who we are.

Some of the greatest memories are made in a matter of seconds. Research as found that in recalling an experience; we ignore most of what happened and focus instead on a few particular moments.

Why do moments matter in discipleship?

For most of us, when we read the bible, especially the New Testament, we read it in moments. Think about it. When you tell the story of Jesus you tell it in moments.

  • Jesus was born
  • Jesus preached sermons
  • Jesus washed the disciples feet
  • Jesus prayed in the garden
  • Jesus went to the cross
  • Jesus rose again
  • Jesus sent his disciples to reach the world

We can easily communicate these moments without having all the details. We can shape and share the big picture based off these moments without reading page for page. Because the moments have affected us deeply, we remember them. We know them and can share them.

In the same way, how are you using moments to shape your kids? How are you using planned and unplanned moments for discipleship?

Tips For Making Moments Matter:

1. Plan The Big Moments

Think about what is important to you and your family. Your life is about moments. Often times we find ourselves going through the motions instead of doing moments BIG. Planning the big moments simply means we are intentional. Intentional looking at your calendar as an opportunity to bless your kids not a to-do list.

What are some things you have coming up that you can spend a little time planning to make it a moment for your kids? (examples: start of summer, ending middle school, drivers license, graduation)

2. Break the Routine

If you are like most families, your family calendar runs the show. TAKE IT BACK. Planning and having a schedule is necessary for sanity but it shouldn’t be driving the ship.

Over the next few months, I want to challenge you to plan one moment with your family. This can be a family activity, or doing something with each kid individually or with your spouse.

Don’t just plan a moment for moments sake; plan an intentional moment for discipleship. Leverage these opportunities.

3. Be Present for Unplanned Moments

One of the worst feelings as a parent is failure. Oftentimes we beat ourselves up because we have missed opportunities. When unplanned moments happen pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you and to nudge you to enjoy the moments. Use these unplanned moments for discipleship.

When your kid, who is brutally shy, tells you they tried out for the school play and got the role. Celebrate it, and capture the moment. When your overly confident son gets cut from the baseball team, use it as a teaching opportunity about getting back up when you fall down.

Unplanned moments often how powerful conversations attached to it. Make sure you and your spouse are on the same page when it comes to these intentional conversations. You may not have all the right words to say, but be present. Sometimes just listening and being there is all you need to do. Don’t miss it!

Discussion Questions:

What are some moments that come to mind from your childhood? Good and Bad?

What makes those moments stick?

What are some family traditions (moments) that you already do?

What are some things you could do at family vacation to make powerful moments?

What do you need to start adding to your monthly planning?

How can the Church help you create powerful moments?

How will you use the big moments for Discipleship?

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