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The Parent One Page is designed to be a quick grab and go resource for encouragement and growth.

This “One Page” is focused on helping parents process the impact of their choices.

The most spiritual activity that we will engage in on any given day is making choices. Our choices will either move us toward God and all of the blessings that are found in Him or will steer us away from God to a life of shame and
fear and regret. 
Our lives are the sum of our choices. We are writing the story of our lives one choice at a time. That’s why the Bible has a lot to say about choices. Joshua called upon the children of Israel to choose whom they would serve (Joshua 24:15). We too must choose daily whom we will serve.

The Challenge

Jesus said that no one can serve two masters (Matt. 6:24). There is a simple yet profound principle in Jesus’ words. If we choose to obey God then that choice will determine our attitude toward our old master. However, if we choose to obey our old master, then that choice will determine our attitude toward God.  When we come to faith in Christ we are transferred from the domain of darkness and delivered to the kingdom of God’s beloved Son (Col. 1:13). When this happens we are placed under the authority of a new master — Jesus Christ. If we choose to obey our old master, Satan, then it is because we want to and not because we have to. Too many of us try to benefit from serving or pleasing two masters. Jesus said that this will never work. We must choose to obey and serve God alone.  Download the Parent One Page to examine and evaluate how choices affect your parenting.

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