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Do you still date your Spouse?  Whether you have been married for only a year or for fifty years it is important for married couples to keep on dating.  However, the busyness of life and the reality of tight finances can be real reasons for not dating. With rapid inflation and rising gas prices budgets are beginning to get tighter. If you need to cut cost but still want to date, here are three creative at home date nights that will keep your marriage connected. 

1. A Three Course Meal Date Night, with a Twist

A night out with a fancy meal is one of the most popular date night activities but that gets so expensive.  We have some good news — You can still have a three course meal even on the inflation budget.  This date night takes a little planning but can be very fun and entertaining.

Pre-date planning: Do this TOGETHER! The night before your date (or a few days before), decide what you will eat and who will prepare the courses using the following directions.  You can choose the number of courses you want but plan at the very least to have appetizers, a main course and your favorite dessert. In order to figure out what you are eating, you’ll need a coin, a piece of paper and pen, and a deck of cards.  Then follow the instructions below.

Appetizers – You must flip a coin to see who is in charge of this course. Best of three and the winner gets to choose what you will have for appetizers. 

Main – Grab a piece of paper and play best of three rounds of tic-tac-toe. The winner gets to choose the meal and who is in charge of preparing it. 

Dessert – Get a deck of cards, or some scrap paper with numbers on them and play three rounds of high-card wins. Mix them up and each pulls a card or piece of paper and the high number wins. 

  • Round 1 = Winner Chooses (Hot or Cold) 
  • Round 2 = Winner Chooses (Store Bought or Homemade)  
  • Round 3 = Winner Chooses what it will be.  

You do not have to break the bank for this date night. Create a shopping list and make it budget friendly but keep it realistic, but make it fun.  If you can shop together great – or better yet order what you need online and schedule to pick up your ingredients the day of the date.

2. Random Movie Night  

Most couples spend more time searching for a movie than actually watching a movie on their favorite streaming services. This is a fun and overly complicated way to pick a movie for your random movie night. Follow the steps below and have fun with it. 

First, make a list of the services you have access to stream movies on. 

  • Example: Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Disney+ 

Whoever has a birthday closest to the number 15 gets to choose what service you will be watching the movie on. Tie goes to the higher number. 

Next, whoever is younger, take the first letter of your middle name and type it into the search bar (just that letter) and hit enter. 

Then, whoever is older, find three potential movies you would like to watch and write them down on three different pieces of paper. Put them in a bowl and both of you choose one piece of paper and whatever is leftover in the bowl is the movie you watch. 

 Grab some popcorn or your favorite snack and cuddle on the couch and enjoy just being with each other. 

 3. At Home Spa Night 

Life can get busy and, in turn, can become stressful. It is important that during these busy seasons that you still prioritize rest and relaxation, as well as intentional quality time with your spouse. This date night may be a little more for the wife than the husband, but it will still help you both relax and unwind, while spending quality time together!

Pre-Date Planning: Take 30 minutes at the beginning of the week you want to have your date night and sit down together to discuss what kinds of spa treatments you would like to do together or that would be most relaxing for both of you. You could look up different soaks, face masks or massages you may want to do. Then make a loose schedule so you are all set to start your date right away.
Soaks – Feet, hands or full body. You can use epsom salts, bubble bath, oils ,or even bath bombs to make it fun! Look for what you may have around your house already or place an order if you aren’t finding anything you want to use!
Face Masks – you can do homemade or buy pre-bought sheet masks! Look up some recipes and see if you have all the ingredients you need if you want to make your own. There are a lot of recipes out there that are super simple and use basic household ingredients you probably already have!
Massages –  Feet, Hands, Neck, Shoulders? Where do you carry most of your tension? If you are wanting to give your spouse a relaxing massage, make sure you have a good lotion or oil and maybe even look up a good technique for the area they are wanting you to focus on!
▪Bonus – Look up some fun questions (or if you have a fun question deck or book you can use that) to ask each other, while you are soaking or letting your face masks set, in order to make your time together even more intentional.

On the Day of:
First, set the mood.
▪Make sure the space you are using is tidy so you are not focusing on chores while you are supposed to be relaxing!
▪Put on some relaxing music! Bonus: put your electronics away so you are free from distractions and ready to spend intentional time together!
▪Dim the lights and light some candles or use a diffuser with essential oils to help you relax.
▪Make a platter of some good, easy snacks, like chocolates, nuts or fruits.
▪Set up all of the scrubs, soaks, lotions, oils, masks, towels, robes, etc that you may be using! Bonus: Put your towels and/or robes in the dryer for a little bit so they are nice and warm for you!

Next, start the date night and enjoy the romance, quality time and relaxation! You probably rarely get to slow down and enjoy this kind of relaxing, romantic time with your spouse, so take in every moment and appreciate each others company!

Click on the images below to plan your next date night in!

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