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Christmas break may bring much needed downtime for our families, but it can also leave us inactive and stuffed with tasty treats and traditional dishes.  Research has proven that exercise and moving our bodies can improve not only our physical but mental health.  This Christmas Break use these 5 simple family workouts to bond, stay active and thrive together. Each workout has a Discipleship Moment that corresponds to the name of the workout.  We hope you will take advantage of this time together to intentionally disciple as you workout or cool down.

1. In the Beginning (AMRAP)

This is a great beginners workout.  Use simple exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Set a timer for 15 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in that time of the following exercises. Break them up in smaller sets if you have to.

5 Pushups (modify with knee push-ups if needed)

10 Sit-ups (modify with crunches if needed)

15 Body Squats

Discipleship Moment: Read or Summarize the Creation Story in Genesis 1 while you cool down and stretch. Reminding your family that everything has a beginning and the beginning of all things is Creator God.

2. Casting Lots

Got some dice at home? Roll the dice once to indicate your exercise:

1 = Pushups

2 = Sit-ups

3 = Squats

4 = Jumping Jacks

5 = Lunges

6 = Shoulder Press (Grab some objects you can lift overhead)

After you roll the dice once to decide your exercise, roll it again to find the number of reps you should do (1-6). Keep rolling and do this as long as you want!

Discipleship Moment: What does it mean to cast lots?  Read Matthew 27 to find out who cast some lots and what they won. 

3. Jumping Jehoshaphat

See if you can do 100 Jumping Jehoshaphats (Jumping Jacks) without stopping. Make sure arms are fully extended and touch at the top of your jump when you do it. No problem if you have to break it up and stop – you just have to recite a Bible verse or tell about your favorite Bible story.   Time everyone to see how fast you can get 100 Jacks.  Try to beat your time in a 2nd round.

Discipleship Moment: Who or What is Jehoshaphat?  Find out together as a family by reading 2 Kings 15.

4. Road to Damascus

Go for a run/walk with your family. You can set the time for however long you want: 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or more. Decide if you are going to walk for 1 minute, then jog/run for 1 minute. Keep alternating till you reach your total time goal. You can also walk for 5 minutes, run for 1 minute, or however ratio your family needs.

Discipleship Moment: Who’s life was changed on the Damascus Road?  Read Acts Chapter 9 to find out. 

5. Finish the Race

Create a fun obstacle race for your family. Make sure it includes running, obstacles to jump over, items to lift a certain amount of times, etc. Be creative and decide how many times you have to go through the course. Let your kids get involved with the design of the course!

Example of a backyard workout:

Run to the fence

Jump over the lawn chair

Run around a tree 5 times

Lift the toys over your head 10 times

Hop on 1 leg across the patio

Sit down 5 times on the chair

Walk backwards to the finish line

Discipleship Moment: Who talked about finishing a race in the Bible? Look at 2 Timothy to find out!


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