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With school functions, Christmas parties, and youth activities, our kids tend to be the focus of Christmas each year. Not only do we spend the most money on our kids each Christmas, we also often give them most of our time and attention. There is nothing wrong with giving our kids a magical holiday season, however it shouldn’t come at the expense our marriage.  

The holiday season, with all its festivities and gatherings, can be both a joyous and challenging time for couples. Amidst the hustle and bustle, it’s essential to prioritize your marriage and use the magic of Christmas to strengthen your bond. Here are five tips to help you navigate the holiday season and create lasting memories together. 

 1.  Shared Traditions

Traditions can easily become so routine that they lose significance for the whole family. You may catch yourself letting one spouse do the tree with the kids because you have lost sight of doing it together. Embrace the spirit of togetherness by establishing and maintaining shared holiday traditions. Whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies together, or attending a festive event, these traditions create a sense of unity and warmth, making the season more meaningful for both of you. 

 2.  Quality Time Over Quantity

While there may be many events and obligations during the holidays, prioritize quality time over a packed schedule. Set aside moments for just the two of you, whether it’s a quiet evening by the fireplace, a stroll through a beautifully lit neighborhood, or a cozy movie night. Quality time strengthens your connection amidst the holiday chaos. Try the Christmas Lights Bingo Date Night.

3.  Thoughtful Gift-Giving

The act of giving and receiving gifts is a cherished part of the Christmas season. Take the time to choose thoughtful presents that reflect your understanding of your partner’s desires and preferences. Meaningful gifts show that you value and appreciate each other, fostering a deeper emotional connection. Also, shopping together to purchase gifts for other family members is a special way to take advantage of the gift-giving season and spend time together.

 4. Managing Family Dynamics

Family gatherings are often a significant part of the holiday season. Discuss expectations regarding family visits, set boundaries when necessary, and find ways to balance time with both extended families. Navigating family dynamics together can strengthen your partnership and create a sense of unity. Check out 5 Conversations to Help Your Marriage Thrive at Christmas.

5. Gratitude Meal

Find a lunch or dinner alone during the holiday break to re-calibrate for the new year. Use the end of the year as an opportunity to reflect on the past and express gratitude for each other. Share your highlights, discuss your achievements, and express your hopes for the future. This reflective time can deepen your connection and set positive intentions for the coming year. 


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