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Beginning this week in ABIDE, we will be using 40 Days of Prayer to guide us as we pray. We will use one prayer each week from 40 Days of Prayer over the next 40 weeks. Our ABIDE prayers will not be the exact prayers in 40 Days of Prayer but the focus and Scripture will follow 40 Days of Prayer.

The following is the link to “40 Days of Prayer” if you would like access to it: 


Opening Prayer 

Let’s begin ABIDE by taking a moment to quiet our hearts and minds before God. Simply take a deep breath and exhale slowly. You may want to pray a “breath prayer” as you inhale and exhale, such as, “God, you are good.” 

Note:  If you are leading a small group through ABIDE, pray the first prayer below over those you are leading. If you are praying ABIDE alone, use the second prayer. 

Small Group Prayer:  Lord, we give our hearts and lives to you. We surrender all that is within us to you. We love you and we need you. Spirit, fill us and lead us as we pray. We consecrate this time of prayer to you. Remove any distractions and help us focus on you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Personal Prayer:  Lord, I give my heart to you. I surrender every area of my life to you. I choose to trust you with my whole heart and with everything in my life. You are my good, good Father who loves me. Thank you for being faithful, all-knowing and all-powerful. Remove any distractions from me and help me focus on you. Holy Spirit, fill me and help me discern your voice as I pray. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Prayers of Praise & Thanksgiving 

I will instruct you and show you the way to go; with my eye on you, I will give you counsel. (Psalm 32:8)

Our Father is faithful and He desires to instruct us and show us the way to go. He sees us and everything that we are walking through in our lives today. Our Father knows what is causing us to feel overwhelmed and He knows what is causing us to feel joy and excitement. Our Father wants to direct our hearts, our relationships and the decisions we make. Every area of our lives matters to God because He loves us. We are His sons and daughters and He wants to bless us with His wisdom, direction, truth, freedom and bring glory to His name through our lives. 

Let’s give our Father praise and thank Him for His faithfulness to instruct us, show us the way to go and for His promise and to give us His counsel.  

Prayer:  Father, we/I praise you and thank you for __________________________ (fill in the blank with specific ways your Father has instructed you and shown you the way to go in both the painful and joyful times in your life). 

Prayers for My Heart 

God’s plan for us is to seek Him and rely on Him to direct us, show us His way and to give us His counsel in every area of our lives.  As God’s sons and daughters, He wants us to receive His direction, show us His truth and give us His counsel. 

Take a few minutes and name the specific things in your life for which you need God to give you direction and show you the way to go (it could be a big decision or something that seems minor. God cares about every detail of our lives). 

Prayer: God, thank you that I can bring my heart and life to you and ask you to direct me and show me the way to go. Would you give me direction in _________________________ (fill in the blank with whatever the Spirit is bringing to mind).  Thank you and help me trust you and follow you as you lead me. Empower me by your Spirit to follow you. In Jesus’ Name. 

Prayers for Other’s Hearts 

I will instruct you and show you the way to go; with my eye on you, I will give you counsel. (Psalm 32:8)

It is a gift to pray for the people in our lives. We bless our families, friends and those in leadership when we pray for them. Let’s ask the Spirit to bring people to mind and pray for God to give them direction and counsel them. 

Prayer:  God, we/I pray for _____________________________. Would you bless him/her by speaking to them and giving them direction and your counsel?  Help _____________to be sensitive to your Spirit and open to how you are directing them and showing him/her the way to go.  In Jesus’ Name. 

Closing Prayer

Father, thank you for faithfully instructing me and showing me the way to go. I need you to direct me, show me and counsel me to know what changes I need to make in my life regarding prayer. 

Show me what adjustments I need to make in my schedule so that I can devote more time seeking you in prayer. Show me when I am worrying or trying to figure things out on my own instead of asking for you to help me. Help me be sensitive to your invitation to seek you in prayer. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

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