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ABIDE Prayer

ABIDE are guided prayers that can be used in small groups or as a personal devotional prayer.
The purpose of ABIDE is to help us draw near to God in prayer as we gather in small groups or as we spend time alone with God.

God Holds Us

My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all.  No one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.  I and the Father are one.  (John 10:29-30)

There is an old children’s song with the lyrics “God’s got the whole world in his hands.”  If you grew up going to church then you might recall singing the song.  It’s a great song of faith declaring that God holds us in His hands.  Today’s ABIDE is about the life-changing, powerful truth that God absolutely holds us, His beloved sons and daughters, in His hands – and He will never let us go! 

Opening Prayer 

Let’s begin ABIDE by taking a moment to quiet our hearts and minds before God. Simply take a deep breath and exhale slowly. You may want to pray a “breath prayer” as you inhale and exhale, such as, “God, you hold me.” 

Note:  If you are leading a small group through ABIDE, pray the first prayer below over those you are leading. If you are praying ABIDE alone, use the second prayer. 

Small Group Prayer:  Lord, we give our hearts and lives to you. We surrender all that is within us to you. We love you and we need you. Spirit, fill us and lead us as we pray. We consecrate this time of prayer to you. Remove any distractions and help us focus on you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Personal Prayer:  Lord, I give my heart to you. I surrender every area of my life to you. I choose to trust you with my whole heart and with everything in my life. You are my good, good Father who loves me. Thank you that you are faithful, all-knowing and all-powerful. Remove any distractions from me and help me focus on you. Holy Spirit, fill me and help me discern your voice as I pray. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Prayers of Praise & Thanksgiving 

God is so worthy of our praise for so many reasons.  God is worthy of praise because He is God and the only one worthy of praise but also because of his wondrous works. 

Scripture tells us I will praise you because I have been remarkably made.  Your works are wondrous, and I know this very well. (Psalm 139:14)  It may feel strange, but God tells us to praise Him specifically for creating us and God tells us that we are remarkably made.  We are not a mistake and we are not thrown together like we often might feel on the inside. 

Take a moment to thank God and praise Him for creating you.  Praise God for the wondrous work of making you and for seeing you as remarkably made.   

Prayer:  God, I praise you for creating me.  Thank you for declaring that I am remarkably made by you.  Help me to believe this is how you see me – even on my worst days.  In Jesus’ Name. 

Prayers for My Heart 

Scripture tells us in Psalm 139:5 You have encircled me; you have placed your hand on me.

Do you see the picture God is painting for us?  God is all around us – he encircles us – and His hand is on us.  Let that truth sink in to your heart and mind.  The Almighty, the Great I Am, the All-Knowing, All-Powerful and only True God who happens to be our Father surrounds us and has His hand on us! 

Let’s bring to God whatever is creating doubt, fear, anxiety, confusion or perhaps feels overwhelming and impossible to God in prayer.  Let’s declare the truth over our lives that God is holding us, He surrounds us, has His hand on us.  He has 2022 covered and we can rest in Him. 

Prayer: God, thank you that you hold me, surround me and have your hand on me.  I declare that truth over_________________________(fill in the blank with whatever you need to trust God with in 2022). 

Prayers for Other’s Hearts 

Who do you know that needs to be reminded that God is holding them, surrounding them and has His hand on them?  One of the most effective ways we can help others experience hope, healing and freedom is to pray for them.  As the Spirit brings people to mind, lift them up to God in prayer. 

Prayer:  God, would you remind__________________that you love him/her and that you are holding him/her in your hands.  Help _______________to feel your presence surrounding him/her and trust in your powerful hand that is on him/her.  In Jesus’ Name. 

Closing Prayer

Father, thank you for holding me/us.   Help me/us to humbly accept the grace, forgiveness, healing, strength and freedom that you hold in your hands.  Help me/us to see my need to be held as a gift from you that leads to a rich, deep and intimate relationship with you.  Help me/us be a daughter/son who says to you; My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me. (Psalm 63:8)  In Jesus’ Name. Amen. 

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